“I wanted to join the desuung training for the longest time, but the timing never seemed right. I was a scout in school and a participant of the second batch of Leadership Training. The training had sparked my interest in the field and so when I reached the eligible age, I applied for desuung training. Fortunately, on the fourth try, I got selected. I am a member of the 42nd batch. Our training took place in October this year and we were the first batch to study water resource management. Apart from being a desuup, I work as a marketing officer in the private sector. I used to work in the hospitality industry but then left that job because I wanted to go get a masters degree. The pandemic did not allow me to leave so I started working at my present job.

In the first lockdown, I was not a desuup yet, so I stayed home with my family. I was also preparing for the preliminary examinations for RCSC, which I had not appeared before. I got through the preliminary examinations but because I have my work and my duty, I have not been able to prepare much for the main exam. Before the second lockdown started, I patrolled around Thimphu at night and during the weekends. Initially, I wanted to serve in the border areas, but I was deployed for patrol in Thimphu and seeing that we did need help here too, I started serving sincerely.

This is the first time I am on COVID duty. There are about 29 of us here and we stay at a hotel in the zone. Starting from the preparation of food, we do everything ourselves. This is a red zone, so we have to patrol at every hour of the day. It does get difficult at times; we feel overworked and tired. But we have a good communication system and a well-designed shift system too. Since it is all voluntary, if one of us feels unwell or needs to take rest, we can ask a friend to fill in for us. I think the major problem most desuups face is that people sometimes attack us with their words, and because everyone is frustrated, we become the target of their anger. We understand that people are confused and need proper information but all desuups do not know the details. When people ask us questions we don’t know the answer to, we direct them to the right person, which leads to confusion and them getting annoyed at us. If we are good to them, then they do the same and listen to us. It is our duty to serve the nation and its people and we are doing our best. We really appreciate those who adhere to rules and treat us with compassion too.

The pandemic is new for all of us and it is at its height right now in the country. We all need to understand the importance of abiding all precautions and taking care of ourselves.”

Humans of Thimphu brings you the first post from the Human Series; Heroes.

Not all heroes wear capes. This series explores the stories of heroes who work and fight for the nation in usually unseen ways. Take a journey through the tales of heroism and sacrifices of the heroes of our nation.


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