“It was right after I completed my 12 grade examinations that I got into photography. Two of my good friends suggested that we should do something meaningful during our 6 month break and luckily there was a course on Photography being offered by the Ministry of Labour and we quickly enrolled in it. That’s where my passion for photography grew.
Then it was time for me to go to college and it is where I met a lot of inspiring and wonderful people. My photography journey got more interesting and I enjoyed every bit of it. It has taught me to see the beauty in everything we do. It has made me more happier since then. I got a lot of opportunities from my roommate and still gives me lots opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge. I am thankful for everyone I met for I have learnt many things from them than I learnt myself.
One thing I learnt was that if we need to do what we love with passion, it takes us to a different world.
For now, I’m prepping for Preliminary Examination and RCSC. I hope I can do it well and on the other side, flow with photography”


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