Damchoe Wangchuk

“The hardship of walking to school for 2 hours every day had left many students dropping out. However, my parents were strict, and I completed middle school under compulsion. Luckily, my sister and brother-in-law took me with them, and the new school didn’t require walking anymore. Being with them, I studied hard and even took leadership roles. In grade 10, I was awarded the student of the year. Overjoyed, I remember rushing home to hug my sister–this encouraged me to work harder. I competed for the school counsellor in high school and got the highest vote. Instead of being too happy, I was nervous about the new responsibility. I found myself under criticism for being too stubborn at times. It left me feeling down, but I kept taking my role seriously.

Inspired by a friend, I rejoined the scout and got selected for the 12th leadership training in 2019. That was a turning point, getting exposed to many new experiences. I got ‘student of the year’ for the second time. With these achievements, I felt the weight of more responsibilities on me, so I gave my 100% to my studies. During the winter, I attended the Indian republic day celebration in India through scouts. I sat in a plane travelling outside Bhutan for the first time. Then I got a call from Sherubtse and was also offered a scholarship to study a special education course in Thailand through His Majesty’s Secretary’s office. Choosing the latter, I landed in Thailand in 2021 after an almost one-year delay due to the pandemic.

The new environment was challenging, and I experienced culture shock. We had to study the Thai language for 6 months. Further, I had to study the first year entirely online. However, the lecturers helped us a lot. In my internship, I learned more than my classroom lessons. I am in 2nd year now. I never gave up, and I am still learning. I can speak Thai and understand all my lessons. Becoming a teacher was my childhood dream, but being a special education teacher is a blessing!

I wish to be back in Bhutan to serve my King, Country and people. I want to join the special education teams in Bhutan and help people with disabilities. Also, I will be actively scouting in my life.”



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