“The passing of my parents left me with a void that I filled with drugs and bad behaviour. I changed schools often and was jailed 7 times. My stepmom was a good person, but we lacked proper communication and my once caring relatives started ignoring me. I had no one to talk to. When I finally got clean, I’d been out of school for 5 years. I went to the Education Ministry and pleaded for a chance to continue. They placed me in class 11 in a school in Bumthang. I was even older than some of the teachers. I had lost touch with my studies so it was difficult, but I got through it with some help.

During my vacations, I’d see a girl who worked at a firm near my house. I liked her but learned that she was scared of me because of my past. She figured that I was a caring person despite my troubled history, which led to our friendship. I wanted to ask her out after high school. She was good-natured and very honest, a quality I loved most about her. I texted her, disclosing my love for her and how I wished for her to be mine. She told me her feelings were only platonic. We continued hanging out as friends, as I respected her decision. She realized she was attached to me and we eventually became a couple. I’d wait outside her office to spend time together and drop her home every day. We had been dating for a few months when we found out she was pregnant. Our family did not know of our relationship, so she was flustered when she went back home to Wangdue. I blamed myself for putting her in trouble. She deserved more.

I didn’t hear from her for 2 months, until one day her ama called and asked me to come. Her family accepted me graciously and even helped us open a restaurant. I now have what I’d always missed – a loving family. With our daughter born a few weeks ago, my happiness knows no bounds. My own relatives who ignored me for years finally came around as well, conveying their congratulations and saying they’d visit whenever they can. A few right choices and the right person has turned my life around.”


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