“I worked in a hotel and later as a DJ in a karaoke after completing high school. Thinking that the night work was affecting my health, I resigned from my job and went to Wangduephodrang, where I worked with my dad for a few months. Since childhood, I did not have bigger dreams, but I always wanted to be a responsible man for my family.
I saw a vacancy in a resort in Thimphu and started my position as a bellboy. Within four years, I received numerous promotions and could have gone further, but the pandemic hit, and we had to resign. Now, I have opened a motorcycle workshop of my own. I never attended any courses, but my love for motorcycles has always been there since I was a kid. I used to watch a show on television called ‘Gas Monkey Garage’ and got inspired by it. It was not an easy task to start a business belonging to a humble family, but I had some savings and received help from my brother as well.
My first few months in the business were far better than what I earn today. The number of customers decreased drastically because they chose to go to India, where the prices are a little cheaper. My greatest regret is that I couldn’t save money when I had a good income, maybe because I was young and a bachelor. I am married now and a father of one child. Being a father will be my happiest moment I will cherish for life.
Even though my business could not do exceptionally well, just being able to provide for my family and not having to worry about what we will eat tomorrow is also a happy moment I celebrate. My parents and a sister, who is a kidney patient, also stay with me. Not being able to provide for them as per my expectations saddens me sometimes. My kidney was the only one that matched my sister’s in the family, but I couldn’t give it to her because I am the only person who earns in the family, and since my work requires heavy labor, I won’t be able to work, and a lot of people will have to struggle without me.”


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