“I once felt unworthy of happiness. I felt that I had so many physical and emotional flaws which made me believe I didn’t deserve love. But when you find the right person, all your insecurities fade away. When I met him in college, it felt like I had known him for ages. We started off as friends, but the transition to love was so natural. I was once a nervous, scared, and doubtful person but he made me feel confident, happy, and at peace. I found that he was a safe space for me. No two people have the exact same taste and preferences so we too had our differences. We had different opinions and ways of dealing with situations, but we learnt to accept and to adapt instead of trying to change one another. Although we still have disagreements, we respect each other enough to correct our mistakes and move along. I had bad experiences in previous relationships, so it surprised me that this one turned out so perfect. From being friends to lovers to being married to now having assumed the new role of parents, our lives have changed so much. I find that there is always something new to learn about him. As a new experience comes our way, I discover something new about him, and I feel that this is something that keeps it interesting.

The most shaping incident in our relationship came about a year ago. I hadn’t expected in my wildest dreams that despite having the happiest family, my dream job, and the love of my life, I’d be sick from a mental health disorder. I started experiencing a series of panic attacks. They would come and go, leaving me in a very dark place. People gathered around me, surprised, horrified, and confused. I was so embarrassed that I was even afraid of going out in public. Through it all, he held me, comforted me, and assured me that I would be fine. It was his support and love that helped me overcome this. He has seen me at my worst and lifted me to my best. I hope that every person looking for love finds someone like this. Because after 7 years of being in love, today I am a woman whose heart is full and content, who feels perfect in any shape, who knows she is accepted and loved. And everyone deserves that.”


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