“With a niche in fashion, I started thinking of ways I could use it to promote our culture. Internship was mandatory for my degree course, and I decided to complete mine in Bhutan. My father worked to produce office uniforms for various government agencies and I decided to work with him. I realized that in order to enter the global market of clothes and fashion, we needed a product that would stand out. Something different but at the same time, something familiar. I came up with the idea of mixing local fabric with imported fabric so that not only tourists or foreigners but the local people would also be our target consumers. I believed that our fellow Bhutanese would take pride in wearing a product made with a touch of Bhutanese textile, and a modern look. I started the instagram page for my fashion line 2 years ago. Posting online was the best marketing strategy. Most of the people who modeled for the page were my friends. Soon, people started taking notice of this new style of clothing. I was overjoyed. People actually liked my idea! To meet market efficiencies, I always asked for feedback, new ideas or suggestions from customers or friends. The products I made were new and gave a modern touch to our traditional wear. That is what attracted people. We use local as well as imported fabrics like fleece, gore tex, polyester, and softshell. We are currently targeting to export. Our first trial would be in Dubai expo 2021. We even wish to establish connections with wholesalers in Austria, Canada and America.

As young entrepreneurs, it is hard to set up businesses in such a competitive market. You are likely to fail a couple of times. But the experiences will provide you with clear plans and a firm mindset. Always believe in yourself and the goals you have set for, for this is the first base to build your dream business.”


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