“My life changed because of college. My brother forcefully enrolled me in the audio-visual program, believing it was the best fit for me. I hated it at the start. But when they started teaching about graphics and cameras, I started getting the hang of it. I interned at a magazine and got introduced to audiovisuals. It piqued my interest. I also learnt to do graphic design. I started freelancing, my second semester into the program. I got Nu. 3000 for the first logo I designed. I even made my first music video at the time.

I faced a lot of challenges in college that strengthened my work ethic. I once had to make a drama in 2 days. One other time I had to complete my final year project in a short period of time because of certain conflicts. But these challenges rewarded me. A project I made in college was the first-ever student documentary selected to be aired on SAMUH. I celebrate all my wins. But I also keep note of the mistakes so I can get better. The next step for me was a job. Working 9-5 was never my thing. I did get pressure from my family to sit for RCSE; they were of the opinion that getting a government job was the only way to secure your future. My first hurdle was convincing them otherwise and luckily, I was successful. I sold a film to SAMUH and got my payment. This was the first time I paid tax. But after that, for a few months, I failed to get any projects. I had to pay rent and also pay my two employees. I felt despair. Thankfully, a project from Dubai came in. And it was when we knew our company would take off.

We are currently working on a new feature film. Films give opportunities to share stories with a wider range of audiences. One of my dreams was to make war documentaries. But that’s not possible so now I want to be a documentary filmmaker or a wildlife photographer. In college, freelancing was more than enough. It’s harder now. But it is always when we start losing hope that work starts coming in.

I can only say if one has a dream one must work for it. Sacrifice everything and see to it that it happens. There are bumps along the way but I made strides through the hard times.”

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