“I excelled academically during my school days, even receiving a certificate from His Majesty. However, high school posed a significant challenge despite my best efforts. In 12th grade, a family issue emerged, causing me to lose interest in everything. I contemplated giving up on both school and life, marking one of the most painful memories of my life. As the eldest, my family trusted and believed in me, but when I looked at my 12th grade results, I couldn’t hold back my tears.
Amidst the uncertainty about my future, my parents suggested I audition for “The Voice of Bhutan”, recognizing my passion for singing since childhood. In 2019, after receiving disappointing 12th-grade results and shattered dreams of entering the medical field, I found myself in Thimphu for the first time. I knew no one, and even the cousin I was to live with was a stranger. This marked the beginning of a new chapter that would change my life.
Although I was eliminated from the top 12, all the contestants, including myself, remained a close-knit family throughout the competition, and this bond continues to this day. After each elimination round, Sir met with us to discuss whether we wanted to pursue higher studies or seek employment. At that time, I expressed my desire for further education. Shortly after, Acho Chencho called, informing me of a medical course opportunity in India. This news brought me immense joy after a long time, and I gladly accepted.
Voice of Bhutan awarded me a 50% scholarship in India. Acho Chencho also introduced me to an Azhim living in America, both of whom provided substantial financial support throughout my study period. With their assistance, I successfully completed my studies in Optometry this year but I want to become a doctor one day. I am not the only one who received such help; many friends in Australia, India, and Bhutan, whether continuing their studies or working, have benefited from Acho Chencho’s support. He also helps those who couldn’t complete their education find jobs and achieve stability.
Since joining college, Acho Chencho and his wife have cared for me as their own daughter, and I currently live with them. A man willing to make great sacrifices to help others, Acho Chencho has been a pillar of support. While there are numerous singing shows today, Voice of Bhutan stands out for its genuine intention to assist children like me in pursuing their dreams and becoming independent individuals, regardless of profit. Acho Chencho continues to look after all the children from seasons 1 to 6. If it weren’t for Voice of Bhutan, I would be a girl in my village who did not fulfill her dreams.”


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