“My parents are farmers so they stayed back in the village while I found work in a private company as a dispatcher. I took an IT course for 3 months for the job. Although I had taken help to get this job, I soon gravitated towards Paralympics after learning about it on TV. Although my family felt like exceptional physical strength was necessary for this, which I lacked, they supported me. They knew that studies were not my field of interest. It has already been 3 years that I’ve been in the game now. In 2019, I went for my first international competition to Beijing. I also went for the world championships in Dubai and attended training in Japan.

I have a form of restricted growth known as “short stature”. Apart from the occasional speculative looks, I have never really been treated very badly. Life was always good, especially because my family was always there for me. I struggled with studies and often wondered what I would be able to achieve. Growing up, I often wondered what I could do in the future. But I am blessed with so much support and love. When I couldn’t do well in studies, my parents said it was okay. When I couldn’t convince myself, they said that just because I didn’t excel in studies didn’t mean I couldn’t succeed in life. Even when I felt insecure about the way I looked, they loved me and showed me that we need to be proud of who we are and not the things we aren’t. In my journey so far, my family has always been there. And through them, I have learned to be proud of the things I can and have achieved, and of who I am.”


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