“I first came to Thimphu from Paro in 1986. I started work in tourism and took tourists outside of Thimphu. They would enjoy the parts of Bhutan that the Bhutanese are trying to escape. They’d keep coming back because they loved Bhutan. Not Thimphu, but Bhutan. Somewhere along that journey I became a drug addict and an alcoholic. That was incredibly damaging. I was bedridden, and doctors gave up on me. But I refused to give up. It was true that it was my own fault that I got on the wrong path, so I knew I had to serve what I created. I think it was karma. I’m better now, thanks to my Buddhist practice and seven years of prostration. In 2003, I left my job and became a yogi. Two years later, I started my journey to Sri Lanka. It took me 7 years to prostrate from Bhutan to Sri Lanka. It’s hard to express why or how the motivation came about. I think I started because I was still serving my own karma. I suddenly had all these crazy ideas and just went onto the road to do it in reality. It was the first time in Bhutanese history that someone was doing prostrations on the road. People came and watched me, and multiple news outlets even turned up to cover my story. After a few years other people in Bhutan started prostrating along roadsides. Sometimes I think “Oh my god, because of me, these guys are being tortured.”  


I spend most of my time in the mountains, living in different places in the country and moving around every few years. I’ve always felt lucky to have been born here. I think it is because in my previous countless lives I must have accumulated a lot of merit. I’ve travelled all through Asia, either backpacking or prostrating. I’ve learned so much from these travels and from the different perspectives I’ve encountered, but I see that Bhutan is a specially blessed country. The Dharma is still flourishing here. Even now, I pray that in my future life I will be reborn in Bhutan.”


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