“My passion for photography started the day my father put a Canon camera in my hands. I was in class 8. I grew up at the RBG camp at Dechencholing, Thimphu. For most part of my days after the camera came into my life, I was occupied with studies. This kept me away from fully investing in it as a profession and I now work as an accountant at the National Museum of Bhutan at Paro. However, my job could not keep me from my passion. After finishing my Accounts training in 2007, I bought myself a DSLR camera. I started by taking pictures of people dressed in beautiful garments during the Tshechu. It was wonderful but it was not long before the simplicity and wild side of nature peaked my interest. I felt inclined towards nature photography- more specifically, Bird Photography. One of the reasons I chose this theme of photography was because people are usually quite unaware of the importance of the wild and the exotic breeds of birds that exist around us. Through the pictures that I take, I can show people the remarkable side of the wild, especially the winged creatures and relay the message of nature conservation.

Most of us tend to easily lose the spark that once burned in us. That, I would say is the greatest tragedy there is, to see one’s passion die before one’s eyes. We should strive to hold on to that spark and keep adding fuel to fire so that we live a life worth living. Photography is an art, and art is an expression of our inner world. For me, photography is a manifestation of my emotions. Similar to how an artist uses his brush on a canvas, I zoom in on my lens and capture the beauty that surrounds me.

Many say that bird-watching and wildlife photography are a rich man’s passion but after spending many years in the field, I have realized that we only have to be rich at heart to protect the, rich in mind to work towards conservation and rich in our soul to give them the space they need to live. Bird photography is something that is deeply seated in my being and I will keep on doing it without ever getting tired. I don’t know where it will take me but it will keep my passion, which is to help in conservation of the beautiful wildlife, alive.”


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