“I still remember the time when my parents had to struggle to make ends meet. We were a family of four and I was the only child enrolled in school.
I studied at Paro till the tenth grade and did not qualify to continue to 11th in a government school. I had to move to Thimphu as my elder brother was the Lam (abbot) of one of the monasteries there. He pushed me to continue my education and enrolled me in a private school in Thimphu. I was determined and when I reached 12th grade, I met someone amazing. It entered my life like a storm but left like a hushed breeze which struck me very hard. The little thing called love shattered everything in my life. That person left me for I was nothing to them, just a poor guy from a poor family. This incident hurt me so bad that it left me in a state of depression and numbness for almost a year. No one was able to help me; my parents, or my friends. I was an absolute mess.
It took me a long time to realize that life is not all about love. Rather it’s about sacrifice, trust, the willingness to hold on, struggle, family, parents and many more.
It has been more than 2 years since all that took place. I now work at a Private Firm and I’m glad to realize that many people love me and it’s not only one person. My parents, family and friends are happy for me and glad that I’m doing well.
Always remember that failure in love is not a failure in life. Like they say ‘Love is part of life. Not the HEART of life”


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