“I was in quarantine when I received a message from someone with a fake identity. The person threatened to expose me with false information online. But I had grown a thick skin over the years of working as a journalist and paid no attention to his words.

He, however, continued. When none of his tricks seemed to work on me, he threatened to shame the women in my family along with me. He had found my weakest point. He said he’d post on social media about my family – it was scary how much he knew about me and my personal life. I was genuinely scared at this point, and my desperation fed his interest in me. I quickly reported this to the police. Sadly, lack of technology in our country to address cyberbullying meant that they were handicapped. I felt helpless, I’d even cry myself to sleep every day. This anonymous person seemed to really want to destroy my life and I had no idea why.

I had covered many stories on cyber bullies that involved mostly women in vulnerable situations. In their spot today, I could feel their agony. I didn’t know how to tell my family so I suffered in silence.

After days of worrying, I decided to take a stand. The enemies I’d made by simply doing my job could not get back at me using such cheap tricks. I realized that those who knew me would never believe any false thing said about me. I told my family and friends. Everyone supported me, especially my husband. He said he’d always believe me, no matter what. When I stopped responding or acting like I cared, the person started texting my father. Apa responded in ways that scared the bully off. That was the end of it. And although by that point I no longer cared, apa’s support gave me the final strength I needed to win this fight for good.

Recently, I attended an online course and learned about facilities in foreign countries that can detect and identify cyber criminals. So, I want to implore our government to incorporate such systems in Bhutan to end cyberbullying.”

Humans of Thimphu partnered with Bhutan CIRT and Department of Information Technology & Telecom, Royal Government of Bhutan to celebrate the cyber security week and call to action all individuals to value one’s personal security online.
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