“The editor of the newspaper shouted at me by calling ‘You bloody, half educated girl!’. Having only graduated high school, I was the ‘lowest qualified’ reporter there. I told myself that I’ll prove him wrong. I worked really hard & was awarded HM’s scholarship to study journalism in Sherubtse college. The first day on campus was an SRK moment in “Main Hoon na”. I felt awfully older to my classmates. But those were the best years of my life. Despite my classes, I kept writing news articles & got paid for them. My field experience even allowed me to teach classes for senior students. In the end, I graduated on top of my class.
Very soon, I joined a newspaper & became a crime reporter. My article led to the arrest of a 75 year old for impregnating a 17 year old.

At 2 am, I disguised myself to meet a local gang leader running from the law. The article highlighted his heart wrenching backstory & the gang wanting to disband for the good of society.
However, the most memorable was a 3 year old boy who was lost & left in the police station. Nowhere to go, I had to take him home with me & my father cared for him for a week. After running his story, we found his mother who surprisingly abandoned him again. The news caught the national attention & Her Majesty The Queen Mother Ashi Kesang Choden summoned me to her palace. In haste, my kira was worn the opposite, & my sandals had a noticeable hole. I burned my tongue & spilled the tea.

Her Majesty praised my work & gave orders to help the child with all we can till his adoption. I was personally asked to look after his shoppings.
Writing crime & political stories often landed me in deep troubles. Once, I was happy to be sent on leave that later turned out to be an act to protect me. A former Minister sent people to my office to charge me that day.
Working at a private newspaper, only God knows what it takes to bring out unbiased stories & also sustain the office. Starting from personal safety, to ending in lawsuits, harassment & getting tagged as the troublemaker in a harmonious society, we journalists go through them daily. It disheartens me to see our kpop frenzied young minds who rarely read our own news. Some college students knew Kuensel & BBS as the only news media in Bhutan.

Yet, as a young girl whose superheroes were the lady news anchors on TV, I regret nothing about my career choice.
We keep the Nation informed & our work helps to serve justice & create progress in society.”

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