“I began selling simple drawings to friends and classmates in class two for Nu. 20. Gradually, I started earning Nu.30 or 40 until primary school. In class 6, I seized an opportunity to participate in an art competition organized by Hamada City, which I won. This event fueled my motivation, and art became my everything. Whenever I visited the Information Technology lab at school, I immersed myself in browsing and exploring arts and drawings.
After completing class 10, I transitioned my art style to canvas, earning 4 to 5 thousand as pocket money. The journey to becoming an artist was a struggle. After a few weeks into Canvas, I shifted my focus to digital arts. To enhance my skills, I underwent training at iBest for a few months. Subsequently, I resigned and established my own small business as a children’s book illustrator and designer working from home. The path wasn’t easy, requiring expensive electronic devices.
I undertook labor-intensive jobs for months to obtain these devices and realize my dreams, but unfortunately, I wasn’t paid as agreed. I worked for others during the day and dedicated my nights to my art. My mother and a close friend stepped in to help with the amount that was short for the gadgets. Presently, I work as a freelancer, serving as an illustrator, designer, and canvas artist from home. I already feel a sense of success in my life because I persevered despite the challenges. I founded a team with shared interests, guiding them online. I believe as long as you never give up on your dreams, it’s not a failure.”


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