“My mother lived alone in a makeshift hut on the outskirts of Trongsa. She had a fatherless son, my Acho, who worked as a cow herder for a family. They took her in when the family knew about my mother through him. Then she got married to our father. Soon after, my brother and I were born. We were home-schooled by a woman in our family.

As I was growing up, I’d begun drinking with friends. It started with taking the first sip and glass and going for another. Soon, I didn’t need a reason to drink–I simply enjoyed the momentary highs. But, unfortunately, a simple habit had turned into an addiction. It severely affected my relationship with my family because no matter how much they persuaded me to stop drinking, I always found myself sneaking around to get another peg or a bottle.

A few years passed, and I got married. My husband is a driver. We had a son together, but it was only when I had my second child that I woke up from my addiction daze. Then, finally, it dawned upon me that I had to do something with my life or at least change it to pave the way for my kids. I decided to open a small shop in Bumthang and moved out of my family’s home to start this dream. I now run a bar and a grocery shop. I am still very grateful to my family for supporting me and believing in me when I couldn’t do it myself. I feel like everyone should know how to limit their desires if it’s not going to help anyone, especially yourself.”

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