“My parents worked as laborer at PWD when I was in school. Then my father died and my uncle brought me to live with him. My mum and elder brothers all worked as laborer, while me and my sisters studied. I wasn’t very good at studies and so I quickly became friends with the notorious kids. In their company, I started doing drugs. I was now a member of a ‘gang’ too. We created endless mischiefs, started fights and bullied people. While my social life saw a lot of rebelliousness, my personal life was one of losses. While I was getting into fights, my mother and one of my brothers passed away. My sisters got married into brand new lives. And I was truly all alone. This meant there was no one to answer to. I could do anything I wanted. In this freedom, I became a mess. The police caught me using drugs and I was a regular at the prison. Everyone there soon started to know me. Seeing that I was still a child, they tried to help. They sent me to the rehab centre or to get detoxed but nothing seemed to help. I simply didn’t care enough to come off the drugs. Under the influence and negligence, I had many accidents. One time I jumped over a bridge into the cold river while running away from a police officer. Another time, I was working at a construction site where I got covered under a heap of sand being unloaded. The third time, I was in a vehicle that fell 50 meters below the road. Each time, I somehow survived.

For years I didn’t care what happened to me. Then one day, I fell in love. She was the only one who could change me. She became the one constant I’d never had before. Her support overwhelmed me and helped me become better. I was in the ICU for 3 months once because of my lifestyle and she stuck by me. What many tries of rehab and detox hadn’t been able to do, my wife could. She saved me. I am now a civil servant and have been clean for 6 years. My wife and I have a lovely son. I have started singing on YouTube- a long lost hobby dusted off after years of complacence. It is only with the blessings of kencho sum and the love of my wife that I can find a purpose after 12 whole years of being lost. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am.”


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