“I have been here at the Lungchutse Lhakhang for thirty-four years. It was built over 600 years ago, and the Guru Padmasambhava statue inside the Lhakhang has been around for about 400 years. I have spent most of my life as part of the religious body. Many, many years ago, when I was a young boy of only ten years, I was studying at Khasadrapchu School. It was so long ago that we used to study Hindi at schools instead of English. Then in class 2, I, along with a lot of students, was enrolled into the Dratsang. It was very difficult at first. We would get beat up a lot; punishments were in abundance in the monastic body. But after 4 years, I accompanied one of the lopens to go and help in the construction of a lhakhang in Toebesa. It was hard work, but I enjoyed being there. Before coming to Lungchutse, I was at Dechenphodrang for ten years. Before that, I was at the Dzong with the Zhung Dratsang.

There are only four of us here at the Lhakhang. It is a small place so we do not need many helpers. We do not get a lot of visitors here, especially during the weekdays. But people still take the little time they have during weekends to come and offer their prayers. It makes me very happy to see that devotees walk all the way up here to spend a few moments praying to Guru here at the Lhakhang. Personally, I am content with the life I’ve had. I had the good fortune to spend most of my life praying and gaining merits. I stayed away from harming others and only focused on doing what I was to do as a lam. In the span of a short life, I was able to help in construction of two lhakhangs. I think my life turned out just the way it was meant to. I am 69 years old now. Technically, I’ve retired and am not obligated to stay here anymore. But I like it here. It is very peaceful. And I wish to spend the years that I have left right here on this mountain.”


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