“I played the role of azha gup in the movie Lunana: A yak in the classroom. I am from Tshojong and am 58 years old. I’ve been married for over 34 years now with 4 kids. My eldest son is a farmer in the village. My second son is in college at Thimphu and will be graduating from his 3-year degree program this summer. My youngest son didn’t go to school because someone had to stay home and help. He travels to the lower towns to bring home ration and other necessities. Similar to him, I didn’t get any formal education either. But I did study Dzongkha here at the village itself. Thanks to this, today I can perform rimdros at the village. My daughter is studying in class 3. I’ve helped look after my mother, my sisters and their children from a young age. When I was a teenager, my father passed away. And all responsibilities of the man of the house fell on me. When I moved away from my mother’s house, my eldest son stayed with her. But once he got married, he had to move out too.

Life in Lunana used to be very tough before. It is a lot better now with the blessings of His Majesty and all the ways in which he has helped us. Recently we haven’t had to pay taxes. But in many ways it is still difficult. Traveling is still a huge task and the village could use a lot of development. Our school is not very good. The rain gets in and there’s a lack of facilities. The school, in general, could be dangerous during an earthquake. We also need more teachers. The residents of Tshojong have been worried about this alot. Life is tough here but also peaceful. I think the only place I felt more at peace was when I traveled to Bodhgaya.”

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