“I was the Yak herder for the 3rd King, and I looked after 160 yaks. Under the King’s command, I trained the yaks so they could be ridden. I did the same for the 4th and the 5th king. I even served as a Gup and as a Chi Mi of Laya and Lunana. I built a school from a broken cottage. I’d promised myself to complete it before the end of my term. With my own money, I bought the books. From my salary of Nu.800, I paid half to the teacher and kept the other half for myself. Initially, there was not much assistance from the government officials but since I’d already gathered the building materials, I decided to do it by myself. People used to sleep-walk toward the river and jump into it which led to 19 deaths. The dratshang said it was because the Lhakhang was being kept empty. We placed monks and soon there was a scarce ration. For this, the monks performed rituals in exchange for rations.

There weren’t any woola providers so the disabled and the elderly provided help. The construction took time so I approached His Majesty the King, and we received 20 more labourers. People of Lunana were having trouble transporting the metal sheet for their BHU. After contacting them, I was allowed to take the sheets to Laya. During the Education Minister’s visit, I mentioned the need for a boarding school and because of His Majesty’s grace, we now have one.

His Majesty had gifted all the yaks to the people of Laya, Lunana and Lingzhi. I collected fur from the yak and built a tent where the 3rd king stayed. The 5th King inquired about the tent and it was then ordered to be preserved. I train the yaks by tying ropes through their nose, and blowing horns and cymbals so they become fearless when taken to crowded areas. During the coronation of the 5th king, we were ordered to bring a white yak. It had to be trained the same way.

My brother and I share a wife. Apart from it is our culture, we believe bigger families are an extra responsibility. Each brother can carry out a different responsibility. My regret is that I am illiterate. There will be people who don’t like you but as long as I do something good, none of it matters.”

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