“I had a dragon egg once. We have a tradition where we do chogu once every month and the dragon egg must be taken out at that time. Unfortunately, in one such event around 1994 or 1995, I lost it. I had my doubts about my wife’s azha taking it. I fought with him but to no avail. I even tried to investigate with the help of higher authorities but because I’m illiterate, the whole thing amounted to nothing. After I lost the egg, it felt like I had a series of bad luck and unfortunate incidents in my life. My brother died on his way back to the village from working on road construction. One of my sisters passed away too. And most recently, my wife died of a stroke.

I never went to school because there were no schools when I was young. My mother couldn’t walk and my father was blind. Now, my only living sister doesn’t live with us anymore. I have 4 children, none of whom studied a lot. Mostly because it was difficult to continue studying in an environment where getting teachers was difficult. One of my children dropped out because of an illness. My son stays home and helps me. I’ve done many things in life. I worked as a medicine delivery person for almost 6 years. After that, I worked as a caretaker for a telecom tower. Recently I constructed a guest house for tourists with the help of a company and some bank loans. My deal with the company is that the tourists can loan the horses I have. When we’ve guests at the guesthouse, I cannot communicate with them because I never learnt English but I try to help as much as I can- by cleaning and taking care of them during their stay. I also first started building greenhouses here in Lunana. Everyone is interested in greenhouses now. It’s good to see it take off.

I’ve struggled a lot in life. I cannot remember a time when I was truly at peace or felt happy. I had such a moment when I was a kid, perhaps. It’s been more than 20 years since my parents passed and in all this time, a lot has changed. Now with cordyceps, people around here have been able to buy horses and yaks, and clothes and shoes. We’ve also traveled in the helicopter once or twice. A tough life has always followed me but I make sure that I help people whenever I can. I also don’t have any regrets about anything. I find that my children are doing good wherever they are. No one we know has gotten a good job and made a living out of it so I never really find myself wondering if my kids should have studied more. For now, the only worry is to pay my loan installments. I built a tourist guesthouse with everything I had and don’t have any business anymore. Covid-19 has really shown us difficult times.”

If you’d like to help Ap Nyedhey of Lunana, you can donate to Acc No. #0100142091001 (BNB). The funds will help Ap Nyedhey pay for his loan. Let’s Come Together & Donate.


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