“I seemed to have stopped growing while my classmates towered over me. I was only in class 7- the perfect time for a growth spurt. Yet, I was the dwarf in our class and received the nickname tsheluchup. I couldn’t compete against them in sports anymore. A few years later I found out that there were problems with my spine. I came to the capital for treatment with hopes of getting cured and living a normal life. Disappointment came in heavy doses when the doctors told me that it was too late for my bones to be fixed. I’d left school to come here and had to find a way to earn a living. I was interested in acting so I got in touch with a movie director after many tries. He gave me the opportunity to act in a movie. Slowly, more roles came my way and I was able to make do for some time. When I wasn’t acting, I’d work in Drayangs. I eventually stopped and started working at karaokes. Being extroverted meant that I was able to do these jobs without any hesitation. Parallelly, other dreams were coming into fruition in my life. My sports career, which I thought was a long lost dream, was revived when I came to know of the Bhutan Paralympic Committee. With them, I was able to represent Bhutan at a tournament in Beijing, China for the shot put. Two months after that, I was invited to a paralympic training camp at a university in Japan and also participated in the world championship at Dubai. The other participants at these tournaments were so much stronger and more competitive. I gained a lot of exposure and inspiration from them.

Unfortunately on my return from Dubai, I faced problems with my back. I had to stop training for a while. My coach did everything to help me get better and back to training. He enrolled me in a progress program with support from people from Malaysia which greatly helped me with my rehabilitation. I haven’t completely recovered yet but I feel much better. Currently I am training for the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics. I am anxious because I’m representing my country but I’d take every opportunity to get better and give my very best at every game. Years ago when I was called names at school, I could have never imagined that I’d be representing our country at the Paralympics.”

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