“From the tender days of their childhood, I took upon the task of nurturing and guiding my four children. As a single mother, I stood resolute in the face of challenges, shouldering the roles of both a father and a mother. Life often threw difficulties my way. However, my main source of motivation was my four daughters. They encouraged me to put in hard work and all my efforts were directed towards ensuring their future and well-being.

The driving force behind my endeavors was to provide them with a good education, which I considered to be the most valuable gift I could offer. Their education was a top priority, and I made sure they didn’t feel the strain of the situation or any lack of resources while pursuing their studies. Sleep was often elusive for me in those early years, as I constantly worried if I was doing enough for them.

To support my family, I tried my hand at various businesses, though they didn’t prove sufficient. Eventually, I took the initiative to run a grocery shop, which helped me provide for my family’s needs. However, the growing population led to an increase in the number of grocery shops, and my business began to face the impact of this competition.

From the modest savings I managed to accumulate through the grocery shop, I made a meaningful investment. I purchased a small piece of land in Changtagang, Thimphu, where I set up a nursery shop. Here, I proudly offered homemade Bhutanese tsho, a local delicacy.
Throughout this journey, my faith in the Kencho Sum (Triple Gem) remained unshakeable. The nursery business I established flourished and provided considerable assistance. Presently, two of my daughters have found their footing in well-established positions, while the other two have recently completed their studies. Life has become more comfortable and satisfying for us now.

Through the tapestry of my journey, I wish to illuminate the path of possibility, to remind all that in the crucible of life’s trials, the flame of determination can forge a path towards a better tomorrow”.


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