“I like pop music, and I aspire to be part of something like Blackpink, who have members from all over the world. My cousin introduced me to music, recommending artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. I was content every time I performed or listened to their music. Even at school my friends are interested in music. Our common interest brings us together.
My parents are supportive of my musical interests. They always attend and videotape my performances, sharing them with their friends. I usually sense their love and support. However, I lost hope when they didn’t support my desire to pursue music as a career. They’re afraid of me missing out on my education, employment, and success. I think it’s difficult for them to comprehend what is now possible.
I first explained my dream to my mom. If I do well, she said, that’s great, but… the word ‘but’ was always in her response. She talked to my dad, and he immediately rejected it. He showed me documentaries about artists struggling, trying to persuade me to concentrate on my studies.
I worry I won’t enjoy being employed in another field. My parents don’t understand this. They think that opportunities are scarce in the music industry. They also argue that international competitions are extremely competitive, and that no Bhutanese has ever competed internationally.
Music takes priority over my studies, and I intend to pursue it as a career. I’ve always wanted to do it, so I take their comments positively and tell myself that I will be the first person to take this path. I don’t oppose schooling and studies, but I know it is not something I enjoy doing. I get a lot of satisfaction from music in general, and I know that pursuing it will only make me happy.”


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