“I was always the centre of attention, not because of beauty or a melodious voice but because of my birthmark. I was born with a red spot on the right side of my face. I received many comments about it. People would call me ‘apple’. Initially, it was bearable. I didn’t think much of it. But with time, it made me uneasy, insecure and awkward in front of people. As I received a lot of criticism, I became extra sensitive. I’d hate on people. I wondered why I was born different and of all places, why on my face? I began hating myself, I even blamed my parents. Every evening I’d go home and get mad at them for the big spot on my face. My parents would console me, saying it was a good sign and that it made me unique. But I continued complaining about how people teased me and the way it made me feel. People would enquire about it but I’d never reply. I was rude and started avoiding crowds. I hated walking past people who stared. I eventually became terribly lonely because I couldn’t befriend anyone, and it crushed my confidence.

Then a life-changing moment happened which I’ll never forget. Before I joined high school, Their Majesties were visiting the eastern dzongkhags. I was eager to see them and lined up with the crowd as well. As Their Majesties walked past me, His Majesty told me that my birthmark made me look pretty and unique. This single remark of personal adoration for my birthmark from His Majesty got rid of all the hatred I’d stored in my heart. Our beloved monarch’s words gave me a new, more vibrant and positive energy that flows through me to this day. Now, it doesn’t matter how people look at me, what they say to me, or how they react. My perception has changed, and now I understand that every person is beautiful.”


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