“As I grew up, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer and began taking small steps in that direction. In 2010, with my friend’s encouragement, I participated in Miss Bhutan 2010. Although I didn’t win a title in the pageant, it granted me significant exposure. The following year, I acted in two movies; however, they too failed to capture much public attention.
My journey towards fitness started after meeting my husband, a devoted fitness enthusiast. Unlike many women discouraged by their spouses from building their bodies, I was fortunate to have a partner who wholeheartedly supported me. Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful blessings for many women, but this gift comes with its own challenges. In our society, there’s a saying that “Silk loses its softness after the first wash, and a woman loses her charm after the first birth,” a sentiment many mothers can relate to.
With little knowledge of parenting, I became engrossed in raising my two daughters, neglecting my own health. During those times, my husband was a strong pillar, not only helping with household chores but also assisting me in getting back in shape. Even today, despite my hectic schedule managing our gym, I continue to prioritize my health by working out for at least an hour a day, five times a week. Many women perceive going to the gym as a masculine act and fear appearing too muscular, compounded by a lack of support from their spouses, making it more difficult for women to attend gyms.
After the age of 35, weight training becomes essential for women to improve muscle and bone density, especially after giving birth. It is crucial for women to look after their health. A mother’s love for her child is immeasurable, and as a mother myself, the only thing that pushed me to eat healthily during childbirth was to breastfeed my child. I want to encourage all women and men to take care of their physique. Our health is our biggest asset, and it is not expensive to visit gyms or adopt healthy diets. Strong mothers raise strong families, and I hope my winning “Miss Fitness Bhutan 2023” serves as a testament to all mothers that you can continue to work towards your dreams even after childbirth.”


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