The young people behind Humans of Thimphu

Kuensel | Chhimi Dema

Almost a year after a Facebook page ‘Humans of Thimphu’ started featuring stories of struggle, love, grief, passion, fear, and joy from people in Thimphu, it has been learnt there are six young people working tirelessly behind the scenes to tell these stories… Read more

The Story of Humans of Thimphu

Bhutan Today | Jamtsho Wangyel

A group on Facebook Humans of Thimphu has struck an instant chord with Bhutanese nitizens across the country as it garnered more than 37,000 page likes just in span of less than a year…  Read more

Young Guns at Work

Bhutan Times | Karma Chimi

His Majesty The King has been his constant encouragement and ultimate source of inspiration for this 21-year-old, the founder of one of the most engaging pages in social media – Humans of Thimphu… Read More

The Magic in Storytelling: Tales from Bhutan

We Share. We Care | UN Bhutan

In a time of recommended social distancing Tandin Phubz instead dreamt of bringing us closer by creating the fast-growing, popular online page ‘Humans of Thimphu’ (HoT) in October of 2020. Phubz was first inspired by another fellow photographer Brandon Stanton who started the movement in 2010 with his now famous page ‘Humans of New York’.  Another page that followed Stanton’s footsteps called the ‘Humans of Bombay’ founded by Karishma Mehta has influenced Phubz’s creative direction of his page,… Read more

Meet the Team behind Humans of Thimphu

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