Humans of Thimphu is a storytelling space that highlights the lives of a wide scope of individuals that makes Thimphu the stunning and joyful city that it is.

Our team focuses on telling stories from people that cover a wide range of amazing, successful, happy, inspiring, unique, sad, failure, and relatable themes.

We aspire to build a storytelling community that can share the spark of inspiration and brings positive changes to our society.

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Team Members

Tandin Phurba,

A self-taught Street Photographer who loves telling stories.

Damchoe Yonten,
Finance Head/Photographer and SM Manager

I live on the mountains overlooking the city thus the adventure spirit in me is very much alive. We often forget to appreciate the beauty around us which is why I am enthusiastic about photography, though it may not capture what our eyes can still, pictures help us visualize its significance. I am also interested in designing myths and legends. I create visually appealing content and keep updated on our audience.

Dechen Wangdi,
Content Writer and Editor

I am here to show that you can still tell stories that are whole and complete, even with your broken English and dead punctuation. Every story to me has a message to the world; and as storytellers, we’ve got to make sure they pull at our heartstrings and make wonderful change happen around us.

Ayeshwini Lama,
Content writer and Editor

A lover of words, skies, advocacy and singing at the top of my voice, I find that my happiest moments are always when I get to tell a story. I am a silver-lining girl and believe that every trouble in our way is only a fragment of the bigger, brighter picture. I plan on journeying through life with big plans and a lot of faith. You will most likely find me writing, having a little dance party by myself or dreaming in the warm sun.

Tshering Deki,
Content Writer and Editor

I am a caffeine addict with the tendency to imagine myself in situations that don’t exist. I love weaving stories and poetry out of the metaphors stacked inside my brain and then stumbling among the pages full of scribbled notes. I consider myself a walking irony with big dreams yet often end up curled up in some cosy corner of a library promising to finish that story today.

Desel Dorji,
Content Writer and Editor

As a college sophomore studying sociology and global studies, my academic interests surfaced because of my love for storytelling and personal values of empathy and engaged listening. I hope to use my love for stories along with the little skill I have to help highlight different stories, creating space for reflection on and celebration of the diverse experiences in our communities.

Wangdi Norbu,
Programme Manager – Stories from the Mountains

A social worker in service of humans spreads love through stories.